SMC aims to provide practical solutions for British Muslims, based on the traditional Islamic legal rulings of an international advisory board, many of whom are recognized as the highest ranking Islamic scholars in the world.
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"We sent thee not, but as a Mercy for all creatures."
  • SMC strongly adheres to the classic Quranic teaching: “Obey God, obey His Prophet and obey those in authority over you”.  This is a fundamental principle to uphold the laws of the country in which one resides, with its safety and security in mind.
  • SMC reinforces this driving principle in all our community-based and religious programs.
  • SMC’s mission is to present classical, scholarly, Islamic perspectives on global issues and to work proactively with non-Muslim individuals and organisationspresent Islam as a religion of moderation, tolerance, peace and justice.
  • SMC condemns terrorism in all its forms, whether political, cultural, intellectual or ideological.
  • SMC stresses the common heritage of Islam, Christianity and Judaism through Conferences, seminars, publications, media relations and community outreach efforts.
  • SMC supports peace, wherever it exists, and the precept of “justice for all,” condemning all violations of human rights.
  • SMC provides practical solutions for Muslims on a broad range of social issues, based on traditional Islamic legal rulings, many issued by some of the highest ranking Islamic scholars of the world that best serve all members of the pluralist society in which we live.
  • Not affiliated with any government, political party or political agenda, SMC stresses civic duty, active participation in politics, and taking responsibility for shaping the future of UK and the rest of the world..
  • With a view to countering the root causes that allow a minority to undertake the criminal acts on the 7th July, and the threat that has become ever increasing to our security, it is the Intention of the Sufi Muslim Council to work in partnerships with all organisations to discourage and disrupt the promulgation of the extremist Islamist ideology within the Muslim community both nationally and abroad
  • Educate UK policymakers, agencies, academia and media outlets on the distinct, irreconcilable differences between classical Islam and the radical tenets of extremist groups
  • Re-establish the primacy of classical Islamic theology and practice, versus current radicalised Islamist strains that have taken root in the West.