SMC aims to provide practical solutions for British Muslims, based on the traditional Islamic legal rulings of an international advisory board, many of whom are recognized as the highest ranking Islamic scholars in the world.
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"We sent thee not, but as a Mercy for all creatures."
Muslims comprise the second largest religion in UK and live as any other citizens, looking after their families and attending to their work. The majority of Muslims have nothing to do with and vigorously condemn extremism and fringe organisations that incite unrest around the world for their own ideological purposes. It is also hoped that through this published series, Muslims in UK will understand that they have not been fully informed regarding the ideology, agenda and activities of many Muslim organisations and groups which they have faithfully supported for years.

Extremism In All Religions Condemned by SMC

While every religion rejects acts of tyranny, injustice and oppression, extremism is found in every religion. As Muslims we are supporters of love, peace, justice, respect and tolerance. Thus, we see it as our duty to continue to shed light on current events while doing our best to see that the wave of militant radicalism sweeping Muslim nations does not strike again in UK, where we live.

Therefore SMC, with all its members and directors, condemns all forms of terrorism and the oppression of human rights around the world, whether committed by Muslims, Christians, Jews or members of other faiths. We see that among members of every religion there are those who commit terrorist acts, but they must not be used to label a whole community.

Muslims Must Not Tolerate Extremists

Those organisations in the UK that are affiliated with the global militant movements are obligated to take responsibility for their actions instead of throwing this burden onto the whole Muslim community. Since there is no single leader who represents all of UK’s Muslims, we must not allow the actions of an individual or group to fall on the heads of the millions of peaceful Muslims in this country. We therefore appeal to Muslim organisations to take a courageous stand regarding all that is going on and openly disclose their ties to foreign groups and movements, as well as the nature of these associations. This act in itself will distinguish who bears responsibility for the senseless acts of a few.
SMC feels a heavy responsibility in presenting these articles for the thoughtful consideration of our Muslim brothers and sisters. Some disruptive elements in our community will cry that we are "Western agents," but we are not bothered by false accusations. We are not the sole or even the first voice raising these issues that are openly discussed in the Arab media.

SMC is not affiliated with any government, and recognizes that it has a duty to stand up and speak the truth. The unacceptable alternative is to let extremist organisations who now operate on our own soil continue to flourish with donations from unwitting British Muslims, destroying our community from within.